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104 Mai Thi Luu Street, Dakao Ward, 01 District, HCMC, Vietnam

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About Us

VIETNAM GLOBAL TRADE - Quality is Honour
We build a global network in the import and export industry by connecting quality factories with customers around the world. By this method, we make it convenient for customers to be able to import anything at Vietnam Global Trade with the best quality.

Quality is Honour: Vietnam Global Trade connect with all domestic supplier. We work with each partner to produce the highest quality products, material. Ensuring export goods meet international standards of quality. Having all the certificates that customers need (CE, FDA, ISO, Quality test, ...).

We connect fastly international customers with domestic suppliers and ensure all requirements given. Beside, we help factories grow their business in the international market. We support documents, procedures of shipment for goods quickly and smoothly.


Manufactories to Buyer

Material suppliers to Manufactories

We connect material suppliers to produce with factories. Based on the needs provided by the factory, we will connect with the appropriate partner. Helping meet the plant's growing raw material needs.

Our service

Buyers need and request product of demand. After that, we'll search and associate with manufactories matching.

Ordering product

 Manufacturers need and request material Suppliers. After that, we'll search and associate with material Suppliers matching.

Ordering materials

After make the orders at Vietnam Global Trade, we'll help to export or import your product. Making process quickly and smoothly.

Supporting export and import

I was offered a cheaper price and agreed that product could be lower quality when they sent me a quotation. But it was impossible. They said they'd not done it beacause it'd been impossible to make quality lower.


I requested more container of glove. But they didn't have that product that this time. So, they spent 2 week (it's too long) and sent me a amazing quotation. It's lowest price but quality of sample is so perfect. I think 2 week is okay for me


I have traded more orders with Vietnam Global Trade. The thing making me suprise is diversification. They can provide everything i request.


Many thanks for using our services

Satisfaction of customers is our top priorities

Let me know if you have some needs

We provide everything you need with the best quality.


Hotline 24/24

+84 931 440 790

Every exported product has more quality certificates.

Quality of product

Why Choose Us

With us, Quality is the best priorities. Quality of goods, quality of services and quality is honour.

Quality of services, quality of products and satisfaction of customers is our top priorities.

Delivery service is quick and smooth.

Quality of service

We can provide whatever you need.


After request, buyer will be connected to supplier matching.


- Add: 104 Mai Thi Luu Street, Dakao Ward, 01 District, HCMC, Vietnam

- Phone: (+84) 931 440 790

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